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Thássia Naves Room – Casa do Menor Nova Canaã

Hi loves, good morning!
Are you enjoying the holiday?! Before heading out of town, I’ve decided to write this post that is very important and emotional for me
You must have seen on my Stories that yesterday was the inauguration of the of Clube de Mães, a space where,volunteers from Casa do Menor Nova Canaã make crafts, beautiful pieces that turn into resources for the institution!
The room carries my name: Thássa Naves, because it was made with the money raised from Bazar da Thássia. Seen this up close and knowing that, the project I dedicates 4 years of my life, helped turning it into reality, is priceless!
Lots of excitement, pride and love for this house. The Bazar da Thassia returns like this, in a format of rooms and smiles!
Thank you to everyone involved with Bazar da Thassia and, special, to Casa do Menor for turning my dream into reality in benefit of those children.
Bisou, bisou!
Thássia Naves

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