Thássia Naves



My name is Thássia Naves, I’m advertising trained and in love with all things fashion. I like to travel and search out new trends, and this website is my area to share my passions with you!

On this site you can find day to day looks, trends, tips and an insight in to my life including the events I attend and places I visit.

I always strive to improve myself and bring you the best content to contribute a little something to the daily lives of all my readers.

How I entered the world of fashion:

As a child, beautiful fabrics surrounded me and I admired the work of my grandparents who created beautiful dresses. Another major fashion influence for me is my mother – she is my reference for elegance.

To expand my knowledge of the industry, I undertook the Image Consultant course at Istituto Marangoni in Paris.

From exchanging I learn daily when exchanging tips as my dear readers, marking presence in reference events in the market, traveling to stay on top of key trends and in constant contact with my super partner.

My favourite things:

My family, magazines, Instagram, my iPhone, going out for dinner, photos, the sun, blush, sweets, travel and new experiences.

Favourite brands:

  • Chanel – It reflects elegance and has transitional pieces
  • Valentino – I like the femininity of their cuts and shapes
  • Saint Laurent– They have the coolest accessories in the industry;
  • Pat Bo – It is simply amazing from the smallest detail;
  • D & G – They have great unique prints;
  • Balmain– I consider this brand to be the “king of fashion”;
  • Zara– In my opinion they are the most complete fast fashion in the world.
  • Dior – Simply bold and elegant.

Every day, comment, project, partner and experience contributes to my universe. will always be ‘what is mine is yours’.