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Thassia in Dubai: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Hi loves, good morning!

I’ve decided to write a series of special posts for you guys, as you’ve seen my last trip was for Abu Dhabi and Dubai with Skazi to shoot their next summer collection!

I’m overwhelmed with this place, seriously, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. So, these posts I won’t talk a lot about outfits, even though they are also amazing and the collection is perfect. I want to share with you the beauty of this place, let’s?!


The first place we went to was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and what an unbelievable place! Peaceful and an art piece! The place is named in honor of Sheik Zaryed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was the founder of the United Emirates. The mosque is considered the third largest in the world and has capacity for 40.000 people, isn’t it amazing?!


The beautiful white pilasters can already be seen from the entrance of the city. The interior of the white marble columns are covered by a Persian rug, is SURREAL!


No doubt that the mosque is one of the most important tourist points for those who visit Abu Dhabi. Besides the opportunity to see how Muslims practice their religion, because at the entrance, women have tocover themselves with a long cape and veils that they provide. It’s an unique experience!

Hope you’ve liked to feel as part of this trip, that was an amazing experience! Follow the next posts, ok?!

Bisou, Bisou!

Thássia Naves

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