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THÁSSIA IN NY: White one-piece with stripes

Loves good, morning!

I’ve arrived back from NYC and I want to share with you some amazing
outfits that Rha Rha took the pictures and, of course, tell you more
about my days there!

Today I’ll begin with this styling apparently basic, but, on the other
hand, it contains elements that make the outfit extra stylish, I said
‘aparently basic’ because of its white color, because the one-piece
with a pantacourt pants and cropped top have nothing that can be
considered as basic, hehehe.

To highlight the outfit I’ve decided to put some color, with the
handbag, sneakers and sunglasses. They all follow the color pallete
and I loved it so much, check it out:


Outfit – Skazi | Handbag – D&G da Cansei Vendi | Sneakers – Gucci

Bisou, bisou!

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