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Thássia IN SP: Pantene House

Good morning, my loves!

I’m at the airport going back to Uberlândia and ready to tell you everything about the Pantene Bouse, amazing and innovative project from Pantene!

Yesterday it was the inauguration of the house, and I was honored to be part of that! The oficial opening is today, and all speacial events withh beauty professionals, starts on August 15th.

There will be workshops about trending topics, pocket shows, fitness classes and there is even a hair salon inside the house, can you believe it?!


The ideia is to support all Brazilian women to ‘find strenght in their beauty’. The project also lauches the new line of products for curly hair, in which Sheron Menezes is the embassador, she is so beautiful!

All he details and schedules are on Pantene Brasil Facebook page, ok?

Pantene House: Avenida Paulista, 1.811

Dates: De 10 a 15 de agosto

Hours: das 10 às 22h

Enjoy this opportunity!

Bisou, bisou.

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