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10.12.18, was a day that will forever be in my memories! The 5th edition of my Bazaar was an absolute success! Only those involved, those who help, know the emotion of seeing the hangers going empty and the energy of the volunteers selling each piece.

It took 5 months of planning, 8 hours of event, more than 4 thousand pieces, 180 volunteers, more than 2 thousand attendants and 7 attractions. We raised a total of R$ 462.750,50, totally destined to Casa do Menor Nova Canãa, and 2 thousand toys that will be distributed to 9 institutions. It’s a dream come true!

I thank God for the opportunity of doing good, my parents for the values they taught me, my family for the support, my grandmother for being a leaving example of kindness, my team for always working to overcome themselves without running over others, and of course, I thank all the people involved who give the best of themselves each year.

Watch the beautiful video we prepared and check out the pics we took of everything:

MosaicoBazar MosaicoBazar2 MosaicoBazar3

None of this would’ve been possible without the amazing people and companies by my side. I could not forget to thank our sponsor, Italac, who made the Bazaar a reality.

Thank you also to our campaign partners: Loop Propaganda, Sanfona Filmes, Eusebio, Lucas, Damaceno and Batuki Produções.

Thank you to all the team responsible for the event’s structure: Dannilo Camargos, Rocha Cerimonial and Damaceno. Also to all our incredible attractions, who kept everyone excited: Mari Cunha, Eletro Lounge, Cris Goulart, Giuliano Zara, Daniel Tomate,  Isadora and Thomas.

I also thank Pedro Fonseca, for the photography, Lucas Ionaldo, for the videos and Rhaiffe for updating the Instagram Stories.  And all the midia partners: Revista Cult, Rádio Mix, Rádio Educadora, Center Shopping, LedFix,  Udi Led, Central Outdoor and Senechal Outdoor.

I thank all the companies that supported us, and believed in our cause: Café Cajubá, Guarana Mineiro, Bom de Minas and L’entrecôte de Paris. And all the brands that contributed: Lua Luá, Pernas Maravilhosas, Nádia Gimenes, Vítor Zerbinato, Skazi, Verossense, Smac, FREE Flats, Rosana Bernardes, Intimissi, Tigresse, Hope, Iorane, Leticia Manzan, Maxi Glam, Fila, Raquel de Queiroz, Fabiana Milazo, Uza, Luiza Barcelos, Guipier, Pri Schiavinato, Elizabeth Marques, Angela Campos, Damyller, Rei das Joias, Mc Company and Thais Morbeck.

And of course, I thank all the volunteers who worked for our cause and all the people who attended. I’m beyond grateful, beyond blessed, and today my heart bursts with love. I hope that I can inspire other people, who like me, have the power to influence for good, honoring their social role! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Bisou, bisou.

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