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On its 5th edition, ‘Bazar da Thássia’ had something special: a bridal corner! As you know, I am engaged to be married, so many girls ask me tips about affordable dresses. So I decided to create a special corner at the bazaar dedicated to brides!

We gathered some white ensembles I had and some dresses that were donated by brands that I usually collaborate with. The final result is awesome, so many beautiful options.

There was also a bonus: an exclusive dressing room for the brides. Due to the huge turnover of people at the event, it was not practical to try the clothes on. But, for the brides, I made an exception, so they could be a 100% sure about the dress!

Check it out:



I was so happy that many women found the perfect wedding dress at the bazaar! Moreover, every single cent collected was directed to charity. I was also so grateful to know that we helped women find their perfect wedding dress.

Many thanks for my partners: Lucas Anderi | Vera Mendes | Lua Matos | Maristeles Crosara | Luluza Ateliê.

Bisou, bisou.

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