Thássia Naves


Outfit of the Day: Wedding Godmother | #RodrigoeGabi15

Hi my dears, good morning!

Those people who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat have seen that there were a lot of parties at my weekend, right?! I know you have seen the event and the outfit that I wore to be the godmother at the wedding, but I need to tell you here too.

Gabi was wonderful, the décor was impeccable and the guests’ energy was amazing. I was very happy for her, and I was very honored with the invitation even though I knew the responsibility is huge heheh.

I wore a very light dress, fairy style for the occasion wich was made by the beautiful Dina Barcelos, She has done many dresses for me and I can assure you: she is wonderful!

Anyway, let’s take a look and then you tell me if you liked, ok?!

Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_1Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_6Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_3Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_4Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_5Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_2Look Casamento Gabi_Thassia Naves_7

 Dress – Dina Barcelos | Jewelry – Goldesign | Clutch – Isla

Xoxo xoxo